Community Grief Support Groups

Community Grief Support Groups

Coastal Home Health and Hospice provides information about community grief support groupsWhen you lose someone you love, you begin the sometimes long process of bereavement.  It can be overwhelming to some, while others tend to keep their feelings inside.  Some will express their grief openly while others remain in the shadow of their loss.

Our bereavement support groups will help you through this time.  Coastal Home Health and Hospice Bereavement Program offers support groups in Bandon, Gold Beach, Port Orford and Brookings.  These groups each meet twice per month in their respective areas; and there is no cost for the groups.

Listening is the greatest gift our support groups can offer you.  When you share with others who understand your loss, you are allowed to relive the happy moments and also receive support for the sad ones.  The group allows you to respond to your emotions as they rise, and permits you to be comfortable with your tears while others listen with a knowing heart.  What is said or what occurs in the group is confidential and will remain so.

Our groups will not pass judgment on how "well" the grieving person is or is not coping.  Everyone grieves in their own way, and in their own time; and that is respected.  As one group member states, "you just take one day at a time".

People may have difficulty imagining they will ever be happy again.  Believing in your ability to get through this time will strengthen you and others.  In time, with the group's support, you will rediscover a new inner strength.  You will have also helped other persons rediscover theirs.

Coastal Home Health and Hospice Community Grief Support Groups are a welcoming and understanding place to explore and learn how grief is a necessary part of your healing from a significant loss in your life.

Contact Coastal Home Health and Hospice to find the current date, time and meeting place of the group in your area.

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