Donation Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Regarding Donations For Coastal Home Health & Hospice

  1. How do I make a donation?
    There are several ways to make a donation.
    1. You may call our offices directly during regular office hours and we will accept your credit card information and donation details.
    2. You may mail a check to Coastal Home Health & Hospice; PO Box 493; Gold Beach, Oregon 97444.
    3. Please download, complete and mail the Donation Form to let us know whom the donation is from, whom it is in memory of, and the name and address of the family member you would like us to notify. We will send a notification letter to the family letting them know that you have remembered their loved one.
    4. You may drop off the donation at any of our offices should that be more convenient.
  1. Does Coastal Home Health & Hospice tell the family the amount of my gift?
    No, we do not disclose the amount of individual gifts.
  1. Will I get a receipt?
    Yes, Coastal Home Health & Hospice is a tax-exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible
  1. May I make a donation in memory of someone who was not a patient at Coastal Home Health & Hospice?
    Yes, we gladly receive gifts from friends and family all around the world. Please provide the deceased’s name along with the name and address of the family, we will send an acknowledgement to them notifying them of your gift.
  1. What if I don’t know the deceased’s family members?
    Our donations staff will do it’s best to locate family members of the deceased for you.
  1. What if I do not know the deceased’s name?
    If you could provide information such as “the father of Mary Jones who lives at...” then we can use existing records to possibly find the correct name. If we cannot find the deceased’s name, we will send the acknowledgment to the family using a phrase such as; “in memory of your father”.
  1. I have been given several checks and cash for donations to Coastal Home Health & Hospice. What do I do with the money?
    The checks can be forwarded to our offices. If the checks are made out to you or any other entity, please endorse the checks and include a note stating that the money is a donation. We do not recommend mailing cash. It is suggested that you deposit the cash in your account and send us a check or exchange the cash for a money order. When mailing in the donation if you would include the Donation Form you can provide us with the name and address of the donor and cash amount so we can thank the donor and send a receipt for their gift.
  1. May I send a donation on behalf of someone else?
    Yes, please provide us with the name and address of the donor and we will send them a receipt.
CONTACT COASTAL HOME HEALTH AND HOSPICE:  800-535-9472       |       541-469-0405