Grief Support

Bereavement Services

When someone you care for dies, you begin a sometimes long process of bereavement.  Coastal Home Health and Hospice Bereavement services are here to help you through this process. Although there are some similarities in how people grieve, each person is unique and learns to manage their grief in a way that fits their own situation.  Coastal Home Health and Hospice Bereavement services are offered to our patient's families as well as to community members.  Anyone who is experiencing grief from losing someone they cared about is welcome.  The following bereavement services are offered:

GRIEF SUPPORT GROUPS are offered in Bandon, Port Orford, Brookings and Gold Beach.  These groups are open to anyone who is experiencing grief.  These groups give persons a chance to share feelings and experiences with others who are in similar situations.  Each group meets twice per month.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING by an LCSW is offered for those persons who are more comfortable meeting on a one-to-one basis.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING by the Hospice Chaplain is available on an individual basis.

LENDING LIBRARIES are available in Gold Beach and Brookings with books and tapes covering topics such as death and dying, grief, dealing with grieving children, caregiver support etc. 

EDUCATION on the grief process is offered as needed or requested.

REFERRALS can be made to other bereavement related agencies and services.

MEMORIAL SERVICES for those persons who were loved and now gone are held at least once a year.

FOLLOW-UP for 13 months is given for bereaved who have lost a person who was in the Coastal Hospice program.

FACILITY / IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMS are offered to the community.

VOLUNTEERS are a part of the Bereavement Program.

Times of sadness and grief are a fact of life.  The Coastal Home Health and Hospice Bereavement Program is dedicated to helping members of the community to live through those times with peace and hope for the future.

For more details information, please contact Coastal Home Health and Hospice

CONTACT COASTAL HOME HEALTH AND HOSPICE:  800-535-9472       |       541-469-0405