Grief Support FAQ's

Grief Support FAQ’S

What is Coastal Home Health & Hospice Community Grief Support Program?
The Bereavement Program provides support and tools for persons who are grieving a significant loss.  As each person may experience their grief differently, different types of support are offered - including grief support groups, individual counseling, bereavement lending library and education.

Who facilitates the service?
Coastal HHH has a bereavement team which includes the Bereavement Coordinator, Chaplain and Volunteer(s).  They work closely with the Hospice and Home Health team.  Our Bereavement Coordinator and/or Chaplain facilitates the support groups.  The Bereavement Coordinator provides individual grief counseling and the Chaplain provides spiritual counseling.  All bereavement staff members are skilled, trained professionals.  The volunteers are also trained, skilled and have usually has a loss of their own.  

Who can participate in the support groups and individual counseling?
The support groups are open to anyone in the community who is grieving a significant loss.  Individual grief counseling is open to the community as well.  This is a brief grief counseling, usually up to four sessions.  If more is needed, persons can take part in the support group or can be referred to another resource.  You are welcome whether your significant loss happened years ago or it is current.  If you are struggling with your grief, you are welcome.

What will it cost me?
There is no charge.  These are services offered to the community by Coastal Home Health and Hospice.

Do you accept persons who don’t live in Curry County?
Yes.  Services are open to all bereaved persons.

Are these services affiliated with any religious group?
No, Our Bereavement Program has no religious affiliation.  Persons of all faiths, as well as persons outside of traditional belief systems are welcome.

How long does grief last?
The grief process is unique to each individual. Initially grief can be intense. Grief support can help you with your ability to cope with your loss, but grief has no set timetable.

How do I know if I need help?
Seeking the experiences of others and understanding the common threads of grief are helpful, but continuous bouts with fear, anxiety, or the lack of the ability to function are indicators that support is needed. However, thoughts of self-harm or harming others are signs that intensive professional help is needed. If you fear that you will harm yourself or others, do not act on this. Call 911 or visit the emergency room.

I have never been to a support group. What are they like?
Support groups are composed of individuals who are seeking an accepting environment with empathetic members who are supportive and non-judgmental. Some days there are tears, some days laughter, and some days both.  All members are aware of and respect the confidentiality of the group.  Hope and comfort are offered.

Please Contact Coastal Home Health and Hospice if you have any further questions

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