Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Coastal Home Health & Hospice is able to receive living trusts, endowments, properties and other assets. We have available resources to assist donors in realizing the optimum tax position in the gift process.

Planned Giving

Making a planned gift to Coastal Home Health & Hospice is an intensely personal choice, one that we honor for its reflection of your commitment to home health and hospice care and of your connection with Coastal Home Health and Hospice.

There are many options to consider once you have decided to make a planned gift to our organization. A variety of legacy gift opportunities are listed below.


A will or living trust gives you the opportunity to provide a continuing legacy to both individuals and charities. A gift to Coastal Home Health and Hospice will assist us in offering security for future patients while providing your estate with a complete charitable deduction.

Retirement Plans

Naming Coastal Home Health & Hospice as a beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan is one of the most tax effective gifts you can make. The distribution to Coastal Home Health & Hospice not only passes free of federal estate and state inheritance taxes (where applicable), it also avoids the deferred income tax that would have been owed by individuals. Further, under pending legislation, individuals who are over 70-1/2 can make direct distributions from IRAs in 2010 without declaring that distribution as income. In fact, the charitable gift will satisfy your required minimum distribution.

Life Insurance Gifts

A small investment now can yield exceptional benefits later. When Coastal Home Health & Hospice is named as both the owner and beneficiary of the policy; your future premium payments are tax deductible.

Charitable Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts can provide lifelong income to individuals while supporting Coastal Home Health & Hospice programs in the future. Charitable lead trusts operate in the opposite manner: Coastal Home Health & Hospice programs benefits for a number of years with the remainder passing to your heirs. Tax and other benefits are available in both of these vehicles.

Real Estate with Retained Life Estate

Through this remarkable instrument, you deed your home to Coastal Home Health & Hospice and reserve for yourself the right to live in the house for the remainder of your life (or lives). During your lifetime, you treat the home exactly as you do now (paying taxes, insurance and other expenses) and receive a charitable deduction for your home’s “remainder value.” The value of your home is not included in your subsequent estate for tax purposes and the property passes completely free of probate and other estate complications.

Your accountant, attorney, or tax advisor can provide additional information on how to apply these general guidelines to your particular situation in order to meet your charitable giving goals.

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